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The District.


Life Transforms Into Art In This Mixed-Use Community. 

With inspiration around every corner, staying at home is harder than ever at Pixel. Residents are encouraged to look beyond the four walls of their intelligently-designed living spaces and explore a neighbourhood designed for the kind of chance encounters that knit communities together, spark ideas and invite new conversations.


Conceptualised from the ground up to evoke pure artistic ability, The – Artery constantly redefines the way we create, exhibit, live, work and share. It’s a testimony to fluid creativity, by being a multi-use events and parking structure that houses pop-up retail stores, makers pods and content created by the world’s finest makers.

Our Partners.

Making Places Together.

Our partners share our passion for research-led innovation and designing around people. Together, we’re using our expertise to change the way you live, work, create, collaborate and celebrate.

Sun & Sky Towers
Gate Towers
City Of Light
Reem Mall
Paris-Sorbonne University
Shams Marina
Four Seasons Hotel
Abu Dhabi Global Market
Rosewood Hotel
Cleveland Clinic